@bellybustercerb blocked me for non-furries. 

I followed him on Twitter, one day later, he blocked me. I don’t know what going on to his head. His real named is Nathan James Harrison, he is a friend of mine I first met him in school, where were young. I am not bully but and I am not a trolled. Do you remember me were Red Zeo Ranger mask next to his dress up pirate during customer party back in 1997? I was in trouble in school after I left in Manchester and never seen my face again. Until I return back to the united kingdom. My long-time friend, I was shy strange happen in the future. After 10 years, I heard about my former Manchester Ewing school made me upset I read the comments and reaction to shut down in school and order to change a new school with Ewing anymore. I found him on Facebook, and I added him as a friend after unfriend like they did. After three years later, I chat with him on Skype for being a long time since never contact me before close his named on Skype and I follow him on Twitter now, he blocked me. I never being a trolled. I hate trolled and I hate the Cyberbully. One of the guys criticized me on Windows message back in the day, and I blocked him. Mine apologize for being the trouble maker. If you listening to me please don’t block me.


My last day.


One month ago, I was join “Everyone Active” it a sport center and gave me an membership. I was stop writing my blog can’t remember after my reviews are not done yet but I’m saving my work for write a script or review because haven’t done never mine did the last thing I do. Last month ago at May 23, I went to Everyone Active with my mentor helping me for walk outside and I met them their were “Operation Teams” an mysterious black hair remind me of Gothic. I talk to Bex Finnis, she is a nice lady. She give me a tour for looking around fitness club. I sign up and gave me a membership card won’t lose it. One week later, my first day at gym it so exciting just like old time. I ask her for follow to upstairs using membership card to automatic door won’t lose it the card remind me of Science Fiction movie it about ID card for using slider it door. Found a gym i’m using a runner machine, I saw an women runner, she look like her face on Facebook, I’m talk to my mentor no longer with me. Next day I used a runnier by myself gave me heartbeat for loss wright no more fast food for me. I use my smart phone pretend a text message hide a camera no noise finally take picture of that girl, and she look skinny and that Joe aka Blue headset guy know her name might be her friend or boyfriend. At Saturday, after Gym I enjoy swimming pool for one time, I had feeling about this Swimming pool. I was look at father and son remind me of my father was good to me for taking care when I was a little boy anyway. I went come back to lobby and I met her introducing name is Poppy friendly lifeguard remind me of her same name. I told Operation Team’s say “hi to Bex” she was coming back at work.

My last day at the Gym and Bex Finnis came back at her work Everyone Active she talk to my mentor, I thinking about her to be actress for my short film. She gave smile to me and look at her face “she so beautiful” and give us an email won’t lose it. I still think about her I would like to become an friend. I say goodbye to gym I’ll be back until August had return, I know it Ramadan it hard time for Gym but I practice by myself a jogging at night or morning. I searching her name on Google and follow her on Twitter once I met her was first time, next morning I was a sleep someone ringtone by Bex, I missed call but no voice message for me because I was a sleep but I didn’t send her email and my apologize to her for follow on Twitter. I was thinking about her become actress, I could make a short film with my friends it story about spend at night with there friends at night. I dream to become a film directed, Writing and Producer. I wish to make a film, parody or short film on YouTube. So I did an review on my blog.

“To Bex, you did a great job” -Mohamed Ahmed-

I was @EveryoneActive I saw that man wear blue headset at the gym is awesome.

— Red Mystic Ninja (@redsamuraininja) June 16, 2013

I was at Everyone Active I saw that man with the blue headset awesome. @EveryoneActive

— Red Mystic Ninja (@redsamuraininja) June 16, 2013

My apologize to Joe (blue headphone guy) for post it on this.