The Emoji Movie trailer Rant! 😒 #Emoji #EmojiMovie


People unhappy and write a comments on YouTube most disliked button since, Justin Bieber – Baby,  after six years Ghostbusters and Call of Duty Infinity Warfare trailer both sucks! Most disliked button and wrote there RIP Call of Duty.

I am frustration that trailer not funny and looks terrible. Sony animation coming up “The Smurfs Lost Village” it was a disappointing movie, I had not seen the movie. They cancel “Popeye” for “The Emoji Movie”, I was pissed off. Mel Meh voice by “Steven Wright” unhappy man, Hi-5 voice by James Corden and Ice cream voice by comedian himself, Rob Riggle. 

Poor Patrick Stewart, they force him to play “Poop” invoice booth. I don’t like poster looks awful, I am not gonna watched this movie and I will look forward another movie.