Update – 17/9/2017. #Blogger #friend

One of my friends is Wayne, dress up a postal worker looking ridiculous outfit remind me of ‘Postman Pat”. I am not hatred, “He is a my best friend for long time ago” and never contact me. I had seen him on Facebook account and has 5 friends only, where is Nathan James Harrison? Well, he is not known my name but he erased his memories. I couldn’t find Darren Bell on Facebook or Twitter because he is hiding his name. His friend at my former Manchester Ewing School (Didsbury CE School). Back in the 90s, I went to see my friend house after broke his pen by my knee, his dad going to kill me, I hide his pen for his football match review. I had watched Spice World the movie wasn’t funny, he laughs like Fat Albert. I track down my friend still lives in Manchester, I was calling him, Wayne but he is no answer yet.


Wonder Woman review. #WonderWomen #DC


I had seen that movie, it was a great film and problem as three of DC Cinematic universe low-badge movie, such as “Man of Steel”, Batman v Superman and Suicide squad since 1987 Superman: Quest for Peace and Batman & Robin. I was wrong about watching “Man of Steel,” I thought was love it, now I hate it, but Zack Snyder ruined Superman movie and he mess up including “Sucker Punch” and “Watchman” when I read the graphic novel, I was right “Alan Moore” was pissed and no name on the credit by WB.

When I was a little boy, I grew up watching “Wonder Women” television movie I was copying twirl from the show attempt used super powers. I twirling made me dizzy.

I didn’t know “Gal Gadot” was Miss Israeli in Miss Universe, I was playing” Doom” on PC behind background on satellite channel she looks young and she is the same age of me, after my internet down and I was paying another ruined the internet.

Wonder Woman banned in Lebanon and Jordan because she is Israeli actress. I already know, I don’t make fun of her, and I don’t trust anyone. Why Marvel just praise Wonder Woman movie, I thought was completion battle of the movie between Marvel and DC.

In the final scene, Patrick Morgan is true identity

Update – 09/03/2017

I am going to a restaurant, my sister Mariem is ignoring for finding a nice place, she drives me crazy finding restaurant and I want to go to a burger place and Mariem does not want to go too fast food restaurant, and she wants to look for Indian restaurant like before. She drives me crazy, and she has issues acting like Leila for the reason why want to choose one place, her bracelet like a teenaged also bracelet. I order food and wasn’t happy. No nobody, dinner room only two of them, I sat down, and customer likes it. I am very jealous about my mum has a Sim card, and I want it for my phone, Fathi insulting me, for the wanted sim card. I order Lemon and mint, Fathi angry me, say “Why are you order juice,” I say, “because I descend to drink a juice” because one of an old man, say, Pepsi no good, try juice. Fathi, say “Try diet Pepsi” it too late for the waiter. I am playing “The Revenge of Shinobi offline, on my phone. I press pause it needs an internet connection for the saved game.

I went out to walk that boy, still want a drink, and I just want “Monster” energy drink,  because of everyone drinking play games addict. That old man was right energy drink not for me, cause ruined.

Spice World: The movie (1997) review. #SpiceGirls #SpiceWorld

They already review on YouTube such as “Angry Video Game Nerd”, “Good bad Flick”, “Nostalgia Chuck” and plenty more critics. I am a fan of Spice Girls since I was young and my friends love them and my sister also love them and her friend hates them. Ashley closed her noise hatred song, she has still been a fan of Michael Jackson, and Reem, she hates him.

In 1997, the same year since “Batman & Robin” and Spawn both flop and even Bean movie.

I had never watched “Spice World” the movie until he brought video tape from the shop, it was a disappointing film. I thought was love that film since I was 12. My friend went to see it after one year later, he brought a video tape for class room and watch Spice World the movie wasn’t funny and I feel like boring. I did enjoy the movie but the box office failed, mine apologize to Spice World the movie, I don’t criticize the movie.

In 2011, I read the reviews the box office flop the same year since “Batman & Robin” released before six months release during Christmas the people enjoyed the film until 2008, shocking the bad reviews I thought was I love that film, that my friend (Wayne) was disappointed to see the film, shame on you, Wayne. I respect all the women’s. I have done lots of my review.


the movie opens looking like into a James Bond movie this many references in the case who the spice girls were introducing in the movie them. I did my parody of the names. I walk in backstage that Elton John couldn’t care (in the deleted scene they hugging to Elton John and walks away). The mob of the screaming fan. They interview by Jonather Ross play himself. In the hotel room, I think it badly was written for the script made the terrible performance. Two screenwriter pitch the idea. At the same time, the girl’s uptight manager =, Clifford play by Richard E Grant, might familiar his face from the movie back in 80’s thought now. Clifford talks to his boss the chief (Roger Moore from James Bond fame). They met her pregnant friend (her future role from Doctor Who and Torchwood). The screenwriter meet with Clifford and pitch some terrible idea. They both ideal Spice Force Five (parody of Fox force five from Pulp Fiction), Geri transformers into Bob Hoskin, he one of embarrassed from Super Mario Bros.

Parody of “Speed” bus scene late to the concert in the end and bus explosion that was a terrible ending.

In a Deleted scene of “Gary Glitter” appearing in Spice World: The Movie, before taking his laptop broke and found a child pornography on hard dive. They decide him was cut by production in 1997 and went to Vietnam after arrested again in 2006, for abusing young girl and went back to England until after Jimmy Savile passed away in 2011, investigation allegation between Gary Glitter and Jimmy Savile. He also arrested again for asking the question, now he is still in prison.

Update 26/05/2017 #wordpress #blogging 

Last night, I was walk out of hotel for fresh air because it boring bedroom. I went to market brought two cans of mountain dew. I drop my card on the street for emergency my ringtone went back to my room checking my pocket forgot on the street or market. I found my key card. I walk to Al Baik fried chicken full of crowded for order and I walk to small restaurant and order Falafel went back to my room. 

Update – 26/05/2017

Last night, I was walk out of hotel for fresh air because it boring bedroom. I went to market brought two cans of mountain dew. I drop my card on the street for emergency my ringtone went back to my room checking my pocket forgot on the street or market. I found my key card. I walk to Al Baik fried chicken full of crowded for order and I walk to small restaurant and order Falafel went back to my room. 

Spider-Man: Homecoming, Thor Regnarok, Justice League discussion trailer.


Peter tries to save cruiser with his web in “Spider-Man 2” when Peter saves the train with web shooter after pull down and save everyone unmasked. Iron Man and his drone, used push to the cruiser, split back. Tony Stark wanted the suit back and he wears his homemade costume to fight the Vulture.  Iron Man armor remind me of Ultimate Iron Man.



The title looking cool inspired 80s chrome text effect in title art and looking interested. I had seen mid-credit that Doctor Strange and Thor looking for his father. I had seen the trailer that Hela, grabbing his hammer and destroy lost his powers. They capture him, cutting his own hair style, and used weapons enter the arena the Hulk appears to wear gladiator costume from “The Planet Hulk” easter egg reference, That Hulk supposed to be title “The Planet Hulk” for MCU and that title named after Thor evil twins robot from Marvel Civil War and the other comics.



I had seen the trailer in 4 times, the last trailer,  Aquaman appear with staff jump from Batmobile and attack demons. The Flash costume looking sick, that Grant Gustin reacts to Justice League The Flash Costumers, I am The Flash fan since I grow up watching television on videotape and reading comics. “Cyborg” is one of my favorite characters, he used his own mask like Iron Man rip off. JK Simmons play Commissioner Gordan appear in the movie, I thought another Spidey rebooted now he join DC universe.

#RIP Roger Moore. 

Roger Moore, he is wonderful actor since I grow up watching Bond movie on television. RIP, Mr. Bond. #007 #Legend #JamesBond #RIP #RogerMoore 

I remember watching television in my former friend house and I thought James Bond movie. I get confused and I cannot remember the title non-bond movie. 

Here is my favorite Roger Moore film are

The Man with the Golden Gun

A view to kill 

The Spy who Loved me 

The Cannonball Run 

For Your eyes only 


The Quest 

Sherlock Holmes in New York 

Spider-Man out of MCU, Venom Spiff off

Bad news to Spidey fan during Cinema Con 😡

I thought was production cancel due to “The Amazing #SpiderMan 2” low badger back in 2014, and announced spin-off film #Venom and Silver Sable. In December 2014, Sony hacked by North Korea and tons of dirty email. Amy gonna screw up. If Sony brogue back from Disney and I am gong to be pissed off. Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach wanted “Andrew Garfield” come back for spin-off but Andrew Garfield out of Spider-man and replace Tom Holland. Sony is next Konami victom. Imagine that Avi Arad eating his money bowl of salad. I cannot wait bankrupt Sony Picture should sell rights back to Marvel studio.

What gonna happened to #Ghostbusters



The Emoji Movie trailer Rant! 😒 #Emoji #EmojiMovie


People unhappy and write a comments on YouTube most disliked button since, Justin Bieber – Baby,  after six years Ghostbusters and Call of Duty Infinity Warfare trailer both sucks! Most disliked button and wrote there RIP Call of Duty.

I am frustration that trailer not funny and looks terrible. Sony animation coming up “The Smurfs Lost Village” it was a disappointing movie, I had not seen the movie. They cancel “Popeye” for “The Emoji Movie”, I was pissed off. Mel Meh voice by “Steven Wright” unhappy man, Hi-5 voice by James Corden and Ice cream voice by comedian himself, Rob Riggle. 

Poor Patrick Stewart, they force him to play “Poop” invoice booth. I don’t like poster looks awful, I am not gonna watched this movie and I will look forward another movie.