@bellybustercerb blocked me for non-furries. 

I followed him on Twitter, one day later, he blocked me. I don’t know what going on to his head. His real named is Nathan James Harrison, he is a friend of mine I first met him in school, where were young. I am not bully but and I am not a trolled. Do you remember me were Red Zeo Ranger mask next to his dress up pirate during customer party back in 1997? I was in trouble in school after I left in Manchester and never seen my face again. Until I return back to the united kingdom. My long-time friend, I was shy strange happen in the future. After 10 years, I heard about my former Manchester Ewing school made me upset I read the comments and reaction to shut down in school and order to change a new school with Ewing anymore. I found him on Facebook, and I added him as a friend after unfriend like they did. After three years later, I chat with him on Skype for being a long time since never contact me before close his named on Skype and I follow him on Twitter now, he blocked me. I never being a trolled. I hate trolled and I hate the Cyberbully. One of the guys criticized me on Windows message back in the day, and I blocked him. Mine apologize for being the trouble maker. If you listening to me please don’t block me.

Celebrities of my 32 birthday. #birthday

Thank you for a birthday greetings on Facebook. I had a great time with my family went to Indian restaurant for dinner, one of my favorite place. I am saving a cake for me after ate a lot 🎂 sadly my friends uninvited for me and there will watcching my Instagram story and Snapchat. 
Celebrities my birthday from yesterday 🎈🎉🎁

My autobiography.

I wrote my autobiography, my latest book is “Ardwick” named of my place in Manchester, United Kingdom it based on my past how connect with good people and bad people. 40 chapter and 80 page. You thought was wrote my script it takes time to write my script for short film.

Update – 11/02/2017

I cannot walk due to my injury from my bed. My father said, “don’t used weight lifting heavy”, I do not used heavy and I am using light lifting. I used empty bar until painful my back, I cannot walk again I used cycle also my leg hurt again.