Mirror of Janus review.

I love J-drama was my first time in Arabic dubbed but I am a big fan of the show when I was a young. My friend tell’s me about Japanese culture. I grow up watching anime as a kid.

I am talking about my review of “Mirror of Janus” who don’t know “Mirror of Janus” a Japanese drama based on Manga. I search on Wikipedia doesn’t exist and I search in Japanese Wikipedia translate in English.

In Several years ago, I am watched on YouTube channel, and that theme song “Angel Tonight” familiar copying of “Tonight is What it Means To be Young” from 1984 “Street of Fire” starring Michael Pare, Diane Lane, Rick Moranis, and William Dafoe. She gets trouble from school and punished by her grandmother with the stick, she turn into her name is Yumi and she is the personality of Hiromi remind me of Me, Myself and Irene. She used Judo attack her’s. I watch fifteen episode back in 2010. I think it great show and


@bellybustercerb blocked me for non-furries. 

I followed him on Twitter, one day later, he blocked me. I don’t know what going on to his head. His real named is Nathan James Harrison, he is a friend of mine I first met him in school, where were young. I am not bully but and I am not a trolled. Do you remember me were Red Zeo Ranger mask next to his dress up pirate during customer party back in 1997? I was in trouble in school after I left in Manchester and never seen my face again. Until I return back to the united kingdom. My long-time friend, I was shy strange happen in the future. After 10 years, I heard about my former Manchester Ewing school made me upset I read the comments and reaction to shut down in school and order to change a new school with Ewing anymore. I found him on Facebook, and I added him as a friend after unfriend like they did. After three years later, I chat with him on Skype for being a long time since never contact me before close his named on Skype and I follow him on Twitter now, he blocked me. I never being a trolled. I hate trolled and I hate the Cyberbully. One of the guys criticized me on Windows message back in the day, and I blocked him. Mine apologize for being the trouble maker. If you listening to me please don’t block me.

Celebrities of my 32 birthday. #birthday

Thank you for a birthday greetings on Facebook. I had a great time with my family went to Indian restaurant for dinner, one of my favorite place. I am saving a cake for me after ate a lot 🎂 sadly my friends uninvited for me and there will watcching my Instagram story and Snapchat. 
Celebrities my birthday from yesterday 🎈🎉🎁

My autobiography.

I wrote my autobiography, my latest book is “Ardwick” named of my place in Manchester, United Kingdom it based on my past how connect with good people and bad people. 40 chapter and 80 page. You thought was wrote my script it takes time to write my script for short film.

Update – 11/02/2017

I cannot walk due to my injury from my bed. My father said, “don’t used weight lifting heavy”, I do not used heavy and I am using light lifting. I used empty bar until painful my back, I cannot walk again I used cycle also my leg hurt again.

Spice World (1997) review.

Spice World (1997) review.
They already reviews on YouTube such as Good bad flick and Nostalgia Chuck and plenty more critics reviews. I am a fan of Spice Girls, my friends love them and my sister also love them and her friend hate them. Ashley close her noise hatred song, she still been a fan of Michael Jackson, and Reem, she hate him. I had never watching “Spice World” the movie in cinema, most cheesy movie. I was wrong, I thought was the best film won’t forget about it. When I was 12, I was sitting in classroom my friend went to see it and he love it until 1998, my friend brought videotape watch Spice World along with my former classmate it was not funny feeling like horrible that movie

In 2011, I read the reviews the box office flop the same year Batman & Robin released before six months release during Christmas the people enjoyed the film until 2008, shocking the bad reviews I thought was I love that film, that my friend (Wayne) was disappointed to see the film, shame on you, Wayne. I respect all the women’s. I done lots of my review until I am going talk about bad movies.


the movie opens looking like intro a James Bond movie this many reference in case who the spice girls were introducing in the movie them. I did my parody of the names. I walk in backstage that Elton John couldn’t care. The mob of the screaming fan. I think it bad written for the script made terrible performance. Two screenwriter pitch the ideal. At the same time, the girls uptight manager =, Clifford play by Richard Pryo, might familiar his face from the movie back in 80’s thought now. Clifford talk to his boss the chief (Roger Moore from James Bond fame) Why kids watching this embarrassed front of parents to see it. What an idiot that scene for among kids shame on you director. Two producer About Spice force five is “Charlie Angels” rip off or “The Pulp Fiction” dinner scene about pilot episode. Gerri master disguise into “Bob Hoskins” he was embarrassed from “Super Mario Bros”.

Sorry guys I need to write to get back to work now.