Retrospect gaming review – Popeyes.

I grew up playing #Popeye when I was a kid. I watched my uncle playing Popeye on NES get level stage his thousand score, i’m not lying but my uncle did playing NES game fingertips A and B button went out with my parent and I was staying at my grandmother house. I played Popeye feeling to be addicted. I never stress out for losing my heart beating by Bluto tries to get spinach for saving Olivia from Bluto. This game remind me of Donkey Kong. #Popeye #NES #Nintendo #retrovideogames #nintendoentertainmentsystem


Venom – trailer reaction. #Venom #SpiderMan #Sony #Marvel



I have seen on the trailer about 6 days ago. I will discussion between Sony and Marve. First “Spider-Man 3” is an awful sequel and how they killer Venom. I am a fan of Sam Raimi done Spider-Man trilogy. Avi Arad wanted Venom to appear for the third film.

Marvel now handle over back to Sony. I heard about Avi Arad is back to the producer of the franchise. He wants Spidey-man summit which took place in the Sony Marvel universe. Later, I will talk about Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach the same guy’s producer of the Amazing Spider-Man franchise.

Tom Hady plays Eddie Brock, wakes up in the bed. I had seen trailer He ride the bike chasing by the Lorry/truck, he used telekinetic powers pushing the staff I have clue. He screaming gone crazy might be used Symbiote become venom infection. I posted Venom on my Instagram.

I will wait and see happen.

Update – 02/02/2018

Yesterday, I met her several of students, about my writing, I haven’t finished my memoir difficult look for any video of my memories. I did my film script before my hard drive damage for downloading video after replacing a new hard drive update. I downloaded my old script on my Google Drive cloud. I have not done my script. I can’t remember it was 2 years ago, finished my short script before left my hard drive broke. I don’t want to rewrite another script what happens to my ending plot disappear to go back to the beginning. to write my script  Yesterday, I was writing a new science fiction stories “Galactic Knight” inspired by super robot series take place in the future, and the backstory.

I could not find a new job because I still being volunteered to imagine the doctor give me a salary for good work. I declined my former boss not paying me yet, mine apologize before his shop stole by the military, now he in Tripoli becoming broke no shop for me. I pay for buying food instead of homemade cook which I don’t like food. I get rid of potato thrown into bins, for not good taste.

My mother skips my post on “Snapchat” now, she missed my story about met her students. I saw that guy is sleeping in his car, I did not ask him but he being useless watching movies in his office without telling me secretly.

Thank you, for reading a blog.

Let’s discuss Logan Paul.


I was at the workshop and I read the article on the news. Famous YouTuber #LoganPaul went into the forest found dead bodies in Japan, before he deleted his video. I’m not a fan of him but my brother watching too much #YouTube and want to be someone else inspired by PewDiePie. I had seen Logan dress up wearing a hat always disrespectful and racist towns in Tokyo. I absolutely shame on him (Logan). I had seen posted with my friend, Jay posting on Instagram, later he deleted the photo.

I read thousand on Tweets trading Breaking Bad stary, Arron Paul about Logan Paul and Game of Throne stat Sophie Turner.

My plan for 2018.


Welcome to 2018, I had a wonderful day, but here staying at home and watching the live stream on my laptop.

Any fans where were you, I am doing my working project for the screenwriter. I just not finished my top 10 worst movies and best movies. I had to find my research on Google searches the once never watching the film or maybe look up the internet tries something else. I get very tired writing my memoirs try to focus my past. Sorry for the grimmer it was my Grammarly correcting my word’s.

I heard about Logan Paul controversy after I deleted the posted and re-write again.

Most anticipated movie of 2018, I love to see Deadpool 2, “Black Panther”, Ready Player One, and Avengers Infinity War.


My New Year resolution.

Happy New Year, everyone! đŸŽ‰đŸŽˆđŸ„‚đŸŸđŸŽ†

Thank you for reading my post on my new year resolution.

Star Wars Battlefront II – none review. #StarWars #StarWarsBattlefrontII #EA #Battlefront


One month after disappointed the game following controversy Loot boxes. I refuse not to buy Star Wars Battlefront II for mine review. I honestly I don’t think microtransaction spending my money on PlayStation card and keeping saved my money. I miss my old school without microtransaction. I will explain to me when I buying Call of Duty map packs, I feel like having fun in multiplayer. Now, I stop the game. I still loved player one game. I play Overwatch gets a reach of the lever has loot boxes there were no skins for the character. I am not bushing EA, I’ve mine Need for Speed collection of PS1 and PS2. I have seen on articles critics EA loots boxes turns Dark age like #Konami.

My money problem.

I have my money problem I have frustrating job as volunteer without paying. They already have jobs as foreign what about me? I paying from cafeteria cancel to Orange juice I thought was cheapest. I trying contact to my mother no one answered I wish to work as the writing in English.

I wish to hired me as the writer for the film. My short script is complete only 30 page for pilot.

You have problem here my email address and contact me.

Blackout in Saudi Arabia.

I get up brush my teeth checking my charger in my bedroom suddenly electricity cut off from early morning and suffered Blackout in Riyadh just like in UK and Libya, is one of worst country in the world suffered blackout. I went to back to bed waiting for electricity came out. #blackout #electricity