Spider-Man: Homecoming, Thor Regnarok, Justice League discussion trailer.


Peter tries to save cruiser with his web in “Spider-Man 2” when Peter saves the train with web shooter after pull down and save everyone unmasked. Iron Man and his drone, used push to the cruiser, split back. Tony Stark wanted the suit back and he wears his homemade costume to fight the Vulture.  Iron Man armor remind me of Ultimate Iron Man.



The title looking cool inspired 80s chrome text effect in title art and looking interested. I had seen mid-credit that Doctor Strange and Thor looking for his father. I had seen the trailer that Hela, grabbing his hammer and destroy lost his powers. They capture him, cutting his own hair style, and used weapons enter the arena the Hulk appears to wear gladiator costume from “The Planet Hulk” easter egg reference, That Hulk supposed to be title “The Planet Hulk” for MCU and that title named after Thor evil twins robot from Marvel Civil War and the other comics.



I had seen the trailer in 4 times, the last trailer,  Aquaman appear with staff jump from Batmobile and attack demons. The Flash costume looking sick, that Grant Gustin reacts to Justice League The Flash Costumers, I am The Flash fan since I grow up watching television on videotape and reading comics. “Cyborg” is one of my favorite characters, he used his own mask like Iron Man rip off. JK Simmons play Commissioner Gordan appear in the movie, I thought another Spidey rebooted now he join DC universe.


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