Spider-Man out of MCU, Venom Spiff off

Bad news to Spidey fan during Cinema Con 😡

I thought was production cancel due to “The Amazing #SpiderMan 2” low badger back in 2014, and announced spin-off film #Venom and Silver Sable. In December 2014, Sony hacked by North Korea and tons of dirty email. Amy gonna screw up. If Sony brogue back from Disney and I am gong to be pissed off. Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach wanted “Andrew Garfield” come back for spin-off but Andrew Garfield out of Spider-man and replace Tom Holland. Sony is next Konami victom. Imagine that Avi Arad eating his money bowl of salad. I cannot wait bankrupt Sony Picture should sell rights back to Marvel studio.

What gonna happened to #Ghostbusters




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