Mirror of Janus review.

I love J-drama was my first time in Arabic dubbed but I am a big fan of the show when I was a young. My friend tell’s me about Japanese culture. I grow up watching anime as a kid.

I am talking about my review of “Mirror of Janus” who don’t know “Mirror of Janus” a Japanese drama based on Manga. I search on Wikipedia doesn’t exist and I search in Japanese Wikipedia translate in English.

In Several years ago, I am watched on YouTube channel, and that theme song “Angel Tonight” familiar copying of “Tonight is What it Means To be Young” from 1984 “Street of Fire” starring Michael Pare, Diane Lane, Rick Moranis, and William Dafoe. She gets trouble from school and punished by her grandmother with the stick, she turn into her name is Yumi and she is the personality of Hiromi remind me of Me, Myself and Irene. She used Judo attack her’s. I watch fifteen episode back in 2010. I think it great show and


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