@bellybustercerb blocked me for non-furries. 

I followed him on Twitter, one day later, he blocked me. I don’t know what going on to his head. His real named is Nathan James Harrison, he is a friend of mine I first met him in school, where were young. I am not bully but and I am not a trolled. Do you remember me were Red Zeo Ranger mask next to his dress up pirate during customer party back in 1997? I was in trouble in school after I left in Manchester and never seen my face again. Until I return back to the united kingdom. My long-time friend, I was shy strange happen in the future. After 10 years, I heard about my former Manchester Ewing school made me upset I read the comments and reaction to shut down in school and order to change a new school with Ewing anymore. I found him on Facebook, and I added him as a friend after unfriend like they did. After three years later, I chat with him on Skype for being a long time since never contact me before close his named on Skype and I follow him on Twitter now, he blocked me. I never being a trolled. I hate trolled and I hate the Cyberbully. One of the guys criticized me on Windows message back in the day, and I blocked him. Mine apologize for being the trouble maker. If you listening to me please don’t block me.


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