Spice World (1997) review.

Spice World (1997) review.
They already reviews on YouTube such as Good bad flick and Nostalgia Chuck and plenty more critics reviews. I am a fan of Spice Girls, my friends love them and my sister also love them and her friend hate them. Ashley close her noise hatred song, she still been a fan of Michael Jackson, and Reem, she hate him. I had never watching “Spice World” the movie in cinema, most cheesy movie. I was wrong, I thought was the best film won’t forget about it. When I was 12, I was sitting in classroom my friend went to see it and he love it until 1998, my friend brought videotape watch Spice World along with my former classmate it was not funny feeling like horrible that movie

In 2011, I read the reviews the box office flop the same year Batman & Robin released before six months release during Christmas the people enjoyed the film until 2008, shocking the bad reviews I thought was I love that film, that my friend (Wayne) was disappointed to see the film, shame on you, Wayne. I respect all the women’s. I done lots of my review until I am going talk about bad movies.


the movie opens looking like intro a James Bond movie this many reference in case who the spice girls were introducing in the movie them. I did my parody of the names. I walk in backstage that Elton John couldn’t care. The mob of the screaming fan. I think it bad written for the script made terrible performance. Two screenwriter pitch the ideal. At the same time, the girls uptight manager =, Clifford play by Richard Pryo, might familiar his face from the movie back in 80’s thought now. Clifford talk to his boss the chief (Roger Moore from James Bond fame) Why kids watching this embarrassed front of parents to see it. What an idiot that scene for among kids shame on you director. Two producer About Spice force five is “Charlie Angels” rip off or “The Pulp Fiction” dinner scene about pilot episode. Gerri master disguise into “Bob Hoskins” he was embarrassed from “Super Mario Bros”.

Sorry guys I need to write to get back to work now.


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