Remembering Pokemon.

Here my story today…It all begin in 17 years ago, Pokemon huge hits in Japan, I am a big fan of anime, when I was 13, my friend discovery Japanese version of Pokemon is Pocket Monster, “What is Pocket Monsters? Throwing catching put inside the pocket” change a title into Pokemon. It was a controversy episode, called “Electric Soldier Porygon” children seizure flashed red and blue light, Go to Kotaku blog about The Banned Pokemon Episode.

I had worry about a new show coming out in UK, I had seen the news, do you remember Pot Noodle advertise, this was happen about animation pop out my own eyes, I had never seizure my own eyes might crazy playing around back in the day. I was at the classroom, my friend brought his new issues of Nintendo magazine I discover a new Pokemon in the page, incredible has a new video game released for Gameboy in Japan.

I moved to Saudi Arabia in 2000, Pokemon came out in Saudi Arabia, I love that shows, I sit down one of my friend Osama was a young, wanted to see my cards jealous, everyone has it. I still wanted 2-players I don’t know it was difficult for me. I went back to the UK, I search on the internet how to play Pokemon Trading Cards Game? In 2001, Pokemon cancelled due to Fatwa issues. WTF? It what is happening no new seasons today. I watch Al-Jazeera, now Pokemon Banned in Saudi Arabia.

My response to him one of the PokeCommunity explain about how Arabs killed Pokemon. I heard about Saudi Arabia grand mufti issues about Pokemon promote Zionism I had no idea about it. I just saw the news website, Pokemon banned in Saudi Arabia, made me upset with no new episode and two seasons only, I say “Why has no episode repeat” that person issues about Pokemon banned but still has the video game I say, “Please don’t ban it, I begging for you”. After 2 years, came Pokemon Johto Journey came out in Dubai 33, I was shocked about this, I smile so many memories from the past. I love it, so I had my collection of Pokemon trading cards game in my old memory box.

I enjoyed playing “Pokemon Go” in picnic and everyone enjoyed it tries to capture them all but you cannot you find Pokemon Go on App store and Google play not available Saudi Arabia due to region locked, you can go to Qatar, Egypt, or UAE and install Pokemon Go now. Some peoples make fun of Pokemon Go inside the mosque or church it was a joke, and I can see it still blank but you cannot install it due to region locked you have to go outside Saudi Arabia, and play Pokemon Go,


If you live in Britain, American, Philipines or other countries, you can play Pokemon Go awesome, I love it capture all Pokemon in real life, tracking down, and don’t look in the street might hit by the car keep in safe.


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