World of Coca-Cola.

I had a great time in World of Coca-Cola. I recorded my phone camera, I rise my hand introducing my real name and my social account names. I look around old machine incredible. I press recorded my phone camera and 10 seconds my Snapchat 20 times for tour. Many my friends from Saudi Arabia,I might be jealous shown on Snapchat. I just watching share on Cola, I wish to make my own video for reunited

I follow them all, almost recorded putting in Snapchat update memories I watched on YouTube how to Snapchat memories kept alive. I brought free drink for me, if run out I need to go back or maybe fuel out of drink. I went upstairs I fought was gift shop, I look down found my father that my brother looking for me, I asked him “Later, I need to recorded my video” my brother pissed. I waiting on the line to see Coca-Cola polar is my favorite character from advertised, I rush to enter the door. I did picture of me selfie look down tons of my photos.

I try a drink test bad and also I try another drink also taste like bitter soda remind me of my hometown selling Miranda Bitter soda I fought was Strawberry. I brought a gift for my friend at Autism research center.


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