Goes to American.

Hello my friends. I am back. I am sorry for absorbed and dealing. You missed watching my video on Snapchat during holiday in Germany for staying in airport, and I don’t speak German. I hoping my friends would reading my own blogger.

June 28, 2016

In Frankfurt, Germany

I went to duty free, I brought tons of chocolate for my nephew and nicer before forgot it left in terminal. I was drink cappuccino. I sat down on beanch waiting for my sister went to toilet, I left in terminal I hoping my sister getting mad.

In Kennesaw, Ga

One of border security for checking my passport with my sister just for holiday to see my sister and I just want to see my friends it too far away in San Diego and San Francisco. One of the problem her passport with immigration border he think I am Pakistan I talk to him say, . I told them “I am not Pakistan” because we’re from United Kingdom he told me about enemy from Syria, but my Syrian friend never support Bashar Al-Assad or Isis both side confused, I accident talk about my passport, I should not saying a word lies. I sat down waiting for my sister passport in red folder now pass he check. I open the bag it empty I forgot chocolate left in terminal I should put in my bag during breakfast in travel I blame for my sister’s forgot the chocolate I should put in my luggage for lots of present for Adam. I talk to my mother would bring chocolate present for us. I should put chocolate in the bag for present. It all my fault shouldn’t forget in the bag.


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