Fantastic Four review.

Today, i’m talking about Fantastic Four in theater(cinema), its looking really bad. I haven’t seen the film rush to get to the crossing border to seen in Bahrain and united Arab Emirate the review just is terrible. I’m not going to watching piracy online I have seen “Ant-Man” it a great movie or “Mission Impossible 5” both movie much review a new Fantastic Four well it bad. I had not done to my trailer reaction posted. It messes up and horrible. Poster of Fan4stic? it looking funny title. I wish a better job it still crap. The last Fantastic Four what really that old back in 2005. This movie was not great I never seen it until I got DVD watching the film it worst movie. Fantastic Four: The rise of silver surface better the original Silver Surface. First movie it drags and lame get the see how the get powers from outer space. In the ending film and big battle sequence Doctor Doom showoff big polo stick to The Thing force shield by Sue Storm. This powers super fast lightning struck shoot it everyone the powers combine destroy Doctor Doom turn into statue. In the ending Rise of Silver Surface. This is embarrassment of the film.

I grow up watching 60’s and 70’s Fantastic Four cartoons in Jack Kirby style rerun back In the 90’s, there did a cartoon show when I was a kid watching the 90’s Fantastic Four in United Kingdom. Almost animation worst in the 60’s and 90’s cartoon. I was at school my friend’s talk about Marvel Action Hours Iron Man, 80’s Incredible Hulk and Fantastic Four. Pretty awful cartoon in the 90’s. I am a comic book fan I got my Fantastic Four graphic novel I am really enjoying reading pictures better then live action movie.


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