Jurassic World review.

I love Jurassic Park one of my favorite film when I was a kid I had never watching in cinema after four years later I tape recorded on my video during Christmas back in 1996. I had collection of Jurassic Park comic book “based on the movie” and Alan Grant figure. I had never get Jurassic park toys. In 1998, my childhood friend Steven has a Ford Explorer just like in the movie and Endoskeleton from “Terminator 2” imagine that Endoskeleton hit by the car Ford Exploere  “Jurassic Park vs the Terminator”. In 1997, I went to see “The Lost world of Jurassic Park” with my uncle and his old friend it was scary in forest eating by rapture. I went out of screen sitting on char pretend to criticism to movie and that fat kid saw me I say “It a worst movie every” inspired by someone critic you remember you just saw old film on BBC two. Well, I can’t remember? Anyone. I went back to watch film I close my eyes that rapture attack to henchmen.

Two kids went to Jurassic World a theme pack like Universal studio. Two kids went to Jurassic world to see his auntie. Raptor training by played by Chris Platt, I had saw internet meme on Facebook. A new Tyrannosaur Rex look alike white I forgot the names after escape from base. There got lost in jungle chase by the new tyrannosaurs Rex escape from base it was a scary awesome dinosaur roar I close my ears. I take picture of them look at my photo this guy “Brian Tee” killing by . I didn’t runaway I was a wrong door get to toilet and pee and back to watch movie. My sister saw me I was scary runaway to exit my replay “no, I do not scary this movie because I went to wrong door exit look for toilet get pee just like old times (I had watching The Lost world went to toilet for scary)”. P attack to theme park. Rapture communicated to new Tyrannosaurs Rex attack to them. Spoiler alert press the door open Claire touch light tyrannosaur Rex like the original (Dr. Alan using touch light follow to Tyrannosaurs Rex) final battle it awesome and eating by the big fish in the end Tyrannosaurs Rex roar.


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