Ant-Man review

I cannot find Ant-Man watch online in Google piracy copies in Saudi Arabia, and Egypt but not in Europe or America because it a illegal piracy in Europe. I found Ant-Man thanks to Putlocker here in Saudi Arabia many piracy DVD selling.

I had watching it quality video problem on the screen and camera recorded of film. I should going to Bahrain to watch Ant-Man. I cannot buying piracy video.

Flashback in 1989, Hank Pym played by Michael Douglas is younger self of CGI it’s looks great it look alike he was a young in Wall Street. Present day, Scott Lang released from the prison. Unable hold a job Baskin Robbins got fired because of his criminal records and Lang agree to join Luis crew and commit burglar.  Darren Cross to perfect a shrinking suit of his, the Yellowjacket, which is Pym horrify. At his daughter Cassie birthday party, his ex-wife her police detective fiance. Lang break the house


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