Travel to Bahrain II

Do you miss me I came back to Riyadh I was busy  posted it my blogger and upload photo about vacation. I write a title “Travel to Bahrain” it not just a film it my bloggers back in 2014 now “Travel to Bahrain II”.

6 days ago, I talk to my boss permission “i’m going vacation (holiday)” I took my luggers sharing my cloth with my father and my laptop. My father drive a mini car with my family for 481 km get to Bahrain. I went to hotel for staying fives days it too little it should to be two weeks not five days “what a stupid to my dad”. I upload photo my photo on Facebook their didn’t like showing Breakfast but my father told me don’t upload photo sound like censorship to me. I went to see Jurassic World it was scary roar i’m going to review a “Jurassic World”.


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