Travel to Bahrain: Lemon cafe


I went to CityMax  to buy a new shirt blue navy not the black shirt.

I didn’t buy this my sister say “it ugly” I replace a new shirt ready for Eid.

04/10/14 I’m wake up in the morning forgot to Eid prayer becuase sleeping at night. It too far away.

Left is my new friend Mohamed thump up, two our my names are confused.

I’m using my smart phone picture in Bahrain for my blog title Bahrain tour. I can’t write my smart phone because I don’t have Bahrain sim card only take picture on my mobile phone.

I’m went to restaurant Lemon, Looking at menu and order menu  after eating Steak & Cheese with a bucket of french fries. I had a great time at night in Bahrain.

I’m taking picture of this it beautiful night.

At night a blue light town, my apologize to take picture of this people.

I was outside at Lemon. You can see this cafe inside a football match.

I’ve been this Lemon in Bahrain, it has restaurant and cafe remind me of Belgian cafe in Bishop Stortford.


I didn’t get Destiny for Eid, I read it twitter Hassan Ahmed has Super Smash Bros for 3DS, I don’t have 3DS or PS Vita because can’t afford it. My brother still playing PS4, I descend to buy 3DS might region lock for can’t playing Europe 3DS.


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