Travel to Bahrain #Bahrain

I’m back on my blog I apologize for travel to crossing border to Bahrain.


I went to mall like yesterday. Finally i’m watching Guardian of the Galaxy it awesome. My sister Mariem disliked 89’s music it fun. Audience laugh to screen I just saw Space Pirate Captain Harlock trailer I did remember this I grow up watching Captain Harlock Italian dub. I just saw comic book page in Grendizer Arabic. I watched OVA Cosmo Warrior Zero and Captain Harlock appear. I met them at Costa Coffee, and his names is Mohamed and also Mohamed just like same name, and he call me my nickname is Moe not a same just like my former bully call me Moe all the time not like The Simpsons. I still uploading my pictures for Instagram and blogger. I deleted a post in WordPress didn’t done my post. My friends reading my blog there likes it so much. Yesterday, I’m enjoying swimming pool I can’t jump to pool feel like too tall standing.


I’m get up in bed at Hotel for trying to get some sleep. I look at city lights it beautiful and using smart phone taking picture of windows i’m not Six Million Dollar Man for using a eye scope to windows. I look at taller building look giant didn’t work my picture it dark I can’t remember my day for taking pictures in Bahrain before my battery run out. Tomorrow Eid I didn’t get Destiny for me.


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