X-Men: Days of Future Past review


X-Men: Days of Future Past is awesome film. I am back to review. 


July 7th 2014

I went to City Stars a big mall inside elevator up. I miss watching football match because going to Cinema after film I seat in living room using my laptop write my blog before going to Saudi Arabia. My Saudi friends jealous, there want to going to see this because cinema banned in Saudi Arabia, just DVD, download or Video or camera recorder to making fake DVD. If you live in Saudi Arabia, go to Egypt, Bahrain, Jordan, or United Arab Emirates to watch X-Men: Days of Future Past in cinema now.


 I purchased a 3D Ticket cost LE 40 fought 2D.




 I  got new 3D glassed to watch film awesome like my sister and cousins went to Cinema. 


I never miss opening because it dark in theater and sitting down watching Kitty Pryde and Bishop run away from Sentinels tries to attack them. Blink, Sunspot, Colossus, and Iceman battle to Sentinel. I met them seat introducing himself “Mohamed” like my name. Sunspot using flame to Sentinels. I wear 3D glassed was amazing scary to Sentinels open face flame to Sunspot. Bink using portal like video game. Kitty Pryde use powers to Bishop time travel it disappear into the past to delivery warning. Pryde group convenes with Storm, Wolverine, Professor Xavier play by Partick Stewart (Jean-Luc Picard from Star Trek: The Next Generation), I am a big fan of him from Star Trek and Magneto in China. Pryde send Wolverine to 1973, to prevent Mystique assassinating Bolivar Trask, the inventor of Sentinel. Mystique was capture and her DNA was used by Trask company to create Sentinels, whose ability adapt to mutant power. I am Hugh Jackman fan and I enjoy his film he did a awesome play Wolverine in X-Men film. Xavier and Magneto advise Wolverine to find both of their younger selves to stop Mystique. Kitty using power to Logan time travel awaken in 1973, his slept with her in bed can’t remember happen and the three men came and starter pretend remember then starting firing to his body and using his old power claw attack them stealing car key and driving the car to X-Mansion, his meet young Hank McCoy played by Nicolas Hoult from X-Men: First Class, he look like my friend Matt wearing same glassed. He knock to his head and starter angry transform into Beast remind me of Hulk. Xavier from First Class, he ability walk, Logan happen to Beast about Xavier’s institute for Gifted Youngster has closed after teachers and students were drifted for the Vietnam War I apologize to Vietnamese it just my review during X-Men film. Xavier now a broken man just like I watch The Fast Class, he takes his serum needle to allows him to walk and suppresses his telepathy. Xavier recognized to him Wolverine at the bar scene during first class he say F-word I remember three years ago, watching X-Men: Fast Class DVD Wolverine cameo in the bar and he say “F*** off” to Xavier and Erik not joining them. The audience hear him swearing word . Wolverine explain his mission Xavier to help free Magneto from a prison cell beneath the Pentagon. Went to Peter Maximoff, a mutant with superhuman speed. Beast using remote jammier to security camera. I like the scene about Quicksilver slow motion to stop security guard tries firing to Magneto escape make me funny I say “Wow! It awesome”. Bolivar Trask play by Peter Dinklage from ELF, Game of Thrones, Death at Funeral and Find me Guilty. Xavier, Mangeto, Beast and Logan fly to Paris to stop Mystique. my apologize too many words for review. In Paris, Bolivar Trask then it turn off screen my apologize it just turning off screen I just write my review on my smart phone i’m not get mad for turn it off “What just happen?” I talk to him “He taking rest for 10 minutes” i’m using my phone no wi-fi in Cinema. I forgot to Facebook post before going to cinema it back to X-Men. Bolivar Trask, who is trying to sell his Sentinels to communist. his device noise target Mutant follow red light to Mystique impersonates a Vietnamese general transform back. Just like saw trailer awesome. Xavier, Erik, Beast, and Wolverine arrival as Mystique trying to kill Trask. I had difficult to plot and watching film but i like it scene. She jump from the windows just like saw trailer awesome. Logan looks down to William striker, he recognizing him about Weapon X and I saw footage of Brian Cox from “X2” I remember flashback Logan turn metal skeleton in Weapon-X then starter attack metal claw stab to Katy Logan back to 1973. then Magneto using power remove bullet to her leg drop it blood. Xavier taking stop serum and regain losing the ability to walk. Trask scientist Mystique blood from street and DNA to put into Sentinels that can have same powers Sharpe shifted. Xavier check vision to Logan head flash forward footage of X-Men film Jean-Grey. Xaver speaks to his future self inspired for peace between human and mutant. a wheelchair like in film and Cerebro it long bridge like in X-Men (2000) and X2: X-Men both are my favorite film. He user to track to Mystique in airport, who is heading to Washington DC. In department of Defense were stored from First Class, Magneto using metal ball hit to three guard, and retrieving to his helmet back I saw Havok uniform, and that cutting Angel/Tempest wing from First class, go to X-Men: Days of Future Past easter egg on Screenrant. Logan, Xevier and Beast searching Mystique disguise is Secret Service. Richard Nixon showing prototype Sentinels like saw picture it huge like in cartoon. Magneto take over Robert F. Kennedy stadium and commanders Sentinels attack to crowd it awesome. In future Sentinels invading Storm using wind and Magneto using power to X-Jet destroy Sentinels blowing, he got wounding metal. Sentinel killer X-Men. In 1973, Trask device again disguise Secret sevice agent and Magneto pull out safe room from White House and Mystique disguise Nixon. Xavier telekinetic Mystique to spare Trask allow her walk out and Magento flying.

Sentinel, Xavier and X-Men disappear. Logan breather underwater and walk up in the Future. Iceman and Rogue (I thought Rogue deleted scene), Kitty Pryde, Collossus, Storm, older Beast (from Last Stand. Jean-Grey and Cyclops I thought there dead from X-Men: Last Stand now there alive and also Xavier alive too. Logan was downing taken by custody and the credit turning off screen open light. Bryan Singer did a great job director of two X-Men film, and Superman Return.

After Cinema, I need to re-watch again I love X-Men film are my favorite cartoon and film. I read graphic novel from Library it awesome comic books part in graphic novel I can drawing copy of X-Men. 8 years ago, I watch X-Men: The Last Stand I check review mixing critics. My friends from England, making fun of Wolverine movie a bad hair day I never watching The Wolverine. I recorder voice  mocking The Lone Ranger and The Wolverine. I got many picture of Cinema. 


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