Grendizer Manga!


Grendizer Manga cover

I read manga online translation in English in Manga Fox it great and I check Google image of Manga “UFO Robo Grendizer” five chapter and volume one. I reading Manga it was great pictures remind me of like Arabic of Grendizer. I read it all Arabic comic books it not part of Marvel super hero backward page like Manga, total amazing comic book it translation into Arabic comic like this. Popular countries translate in France, Italy, the Arab world I grow up as a kid watching Grendizer in Arabic dubbed.

Arabic comic book cover 

When I was a kid in Libya early-90’s, I went to see her old friend house with my mother and her son in the room I found a Arabic comic book and I enjoying reading Grendizer picture. I’m not stealing or never buy this i’m just reading in Arabic comics, when I was teenage in Saudi Arabia. I draw many Grendizer inspired by Go Nagai the creator of Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger, and many manga & anime. I never met him he a idol comic-book artist he did made giant robot in Manga Mazinger Z adapter to anime. Many Saudi artist copying of Grendizer for comic book in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Arab countries. I discovery of comic-book translator in Arabic page. It a page of Marvel comic in Arabic Spider-Man, The incredible Hulk, The A-Team and other Anime Captain Harlock (not part of Marvel).   



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