Meet the People who I met them all.

Last month ago, after I left in resort went to Cairo. I’m using my smart phone import picture to my laptop. I finish upload my picture for my blog.  

June 26, 2014

Jacqueline (right) and Karen (left) she relax at resort. 

You remember them two women were mother and daughter, right women, she look like Judy Greere once she saw me I was at swimming pool and she smile me. I ask her name is Jackie should I call her Jacqueline and her daughter Karen gain weight look like a Coster Coffee employee, there came from Slovenia or Serbia. She sitting on the rock like modeling in beach or Mermaid siting on the rock. Nice to meet them all. 

Picture of me with my glasses next to Sam, with green light during at the stage show in resort. I know didn’t like my face i’m user cartoon picture no human on Facebook profile. 

Her name is Dina, she single mother with her son at the swimming pool I forgot her last name. Remember her in Europe. I met her on elevator her tattoo looks awesome. Last month ago at night I take picture of her would be happy. My apologize to her son on my picture embarrassing I’ll forgive him.  

Meet Sallah is a stage show host and he did a great job.

I was playing Darts with opponents from Russian. Her name is Lena from Russian she does have this son belongs to Egyptian father name Ahmed, I met him after went to same flight to Cairo. 

Morozova Albina with Sam. I met her doing playing Darts with my opponent team. 

His name is Nasser from Lebanon, he friend of mine and I met him in resort now came back to Switzerland. He give me an email address. 


If anyone complains this picture what i’m doing my post. 

I had a great time in vacation/holiday. I did a message to everyone for showing my blog doing in Egypt. I apologize for picture of you all doing in Egypt. Write a comments or contact my email or

Message to all, thank you to everyone to reading my post. I know you speak Russia, Ukrainian, German or other languages doing in Egypt. Thank you to be my friend Sam and take care of your friends. 





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