How COD: Ghosts it a card no CD?

I’m back now, I spend an hour write Twitter. 3 days ago, it was a midnight launch worldwide (but not in Saudi Arabia) i am so excited to get an game for PS3 for my review. I went to Extra finally found an “Call of Duty Ghosts” with my father use his credit card to that game I open box it a card I fought Disc inside they ask question how to download game for PS3, go to internet and code for download game wait for downloading it take hours and prize drew it trick I should not to buy Call of Duty Ghosts an damn card it a trick pre-order. Next time go to Jarir Bookstore had a game disc inside box.

I regrets to England for midnight launch at GAME in Lakeside, I didn’t know midnght launch in Lakeside in England because they have a disc that stupid old man (my father) put me back to Saudi Arabia, I should stay in England for long time. I am such an jobless at all for regret to them.


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