Talk About: Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros is the worst movie ever!

I was play Super Mario Bros on my old Nintendo Entertainment System when I was a little boy now I’ve Sony PlayStation (all) & Xbox360 (don’t have original Xbox). Someday i’ll buy Nintendo 3DS like my cousins she has Nintendo Wii only I enjoy lot’s of games with my cousin first time of my life old older times in early-90’s.

You want talk about this movie in 1993, I saw poster on the street when i was a kid. I just want to see this film I never read a film critic about this after 7 years later at “Bank Holiday” I just miss this film because I watch Grease 2 on BBC One it all fault i shout watch again like i did watch in the past on television and won’t tell anyone dislike Grease 2. I tape record it was on BBC One. An year later in 2008, I searching on Google found out about Super Mario Bros review “BANG!” I didn’t notice saying “the worst movie ever” critical reaction to film on Wikipedia I know the worst film ever they ruining video game. I grab at coke to watch this with my notebook or maybe writing my own blog later.


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