My hometown in Manchester.

Got my picture complete for post on blog.

27 March, 2013

I was travel to Manchester then come back look at old area so much old memories back. I write tweets “I’m going to Manchester stay one day” it meant a mistake we are not going stay it just a road trip hiding my hometown. I’ve been a hour far away reach to Manchester it 205 miles and 31 hours. My mum she ruined my life because I can’t talk using a smart phone for interrupted recording to road trip it too noise by my mum yells to my sister Leila .

I take picture of snow during on the road trip and feels like a survivor in the snow.

phone booth painted in black.

Almost in Stockport is large in town when I was a young with my childhood friends starter history of WWII during a trip in stockport. I grow up in Benghazi, Libya, when I was a little boy my parents move to Manchester, United Kingdom along with my sisters in Early 90’s. In 2011, I lost my old letters of childhood friends there send me when I was 15 showing there real old address for living in Manchester I think moving to new town again. now living nowhere will wont remember again “Thanks a lot to Wayne” who never contact me will remember you someday. My responds to my old friend Nathan James Harrison, stole my social media I did an video recorder practiced “check my Facebook and Twitter, bye” didn’t working out? I try practice saying to video and I am too speechless now I am reviews on blog and never recording on YouTube . That Fat Bastard (Nathan) stole my life he ruined my life all thanks to Nathan Harrison aka Mr. Chicken or Fat Bastard, I send friend request become friends again in 2009, before remove me “thanks a lot to Nathan ruined my life, bad taster trash to Nathan” next time talking about Nathan Harrison. I know starter writing post on my blog, I am famous bloggers.

I went to Game Workshop in stockpot (just like the old times never been to shop when I was 12). I talk to owner of his shop “I’m a big fan of Warhammer first time” 2011, at Lakeside I just discovery “Game Workshop” look around so pretty cool how much the price I can’t afford the model or Miniature figures. In 2012, I talk to management for challenge to play Warhammer 40,000 2-players only then I choice Space Marine and throw the dice so defeated the Orc after the won the game I lost my picture next to that guy working on Game Workshop. When I was a young I discovery about Warhammer on Argos it so cool, I just want Warhammer 40,000 for collection an year later, I never buy Warhammer again. In 2011, I can’t afford the box of Space Marine miniature figures. and permission “can’t have take picture of things for blog) I starter snapshot picture for post my blogs.

It that “Lord of the Rings” yes is it.

check it out “The Hobbit”

My favorite is Space Marines.

I went to Costa Coffee, I drink Cappuchino using recharge my phone almost finish. I upload picture for Facebook.

That is me drinking coffee, and I zip my coat pretend it hot.

Sorry I didn’t take picture of old towns, Manchester because my smart phone was dead i left the charge at home at so now I was writing on my own blogs.

I look around old place market so much old memories in Manchester my mum getting money from the machine and went to Abdul’s so memories again I’ve been to fast food for 20 years ago I was a kid I eat Seekh kabal taste like hot spicy, my favorite food is Donna Kebab bringing at food for comeback to Bishop Stortford.

I never seen Manchester again and still remember my old street. I came back at Bishop Stortford for charging my smart phone.



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