The worst video game movie ever made.

I will discuss on the blog “the worst video game ever made” since 2001 #LaraCroft #TombRaider movie.

Tomb Raider (2018)

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001).

Almost got $ 48.8 million ($269.4 million) similar to $ 48.2 million ($ 274.7 million) in box officer failed. Last time, I wrote a discussion “Super Mario Bros” the first worst video game movie made a box office bomb. The popular video game franchise Tomb Raider will be adapted to the screen twice before in 2001, and the film sequel 2003 “The Cradle of Life”. One thing two movies got right it was casting of Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft, was perfect in the role but aside Jolie those films are terrible. I had seen on television, and I didn’t watch in Egypt until I was 17, I borrowed his computer without internet connection in his bedroom. I watched “Shrek, and Tomb Raider on the computer until I was 23, I watched two films in four times I ‘ve no ideal wasn’t based on video game exist. I check the review on the internet it was a disappointing film. I get confused thought Indiana Jones movie rip-off that movie is a failure. This is latest Tomb Raider, based on the rebooted franchise, I had not seen the film because I was playing Fortnite. I’ve been following Tomb Raider 1996 with the big box of PC CD Rom and PS1 love the franchise, Indiana Jones. I actually played it when I was 12, I get frustrated angry tires press keyboard button to jump escape.

I had seen trailer back in 2017, Alicia Vikander, play Lara Croft, she does not have Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram because she likes being normal life without social media except her Swedish trainer who posting on the Instagram photo showing how workout on the set.

I have not seen the movie again. I will get DVD soon.

Next movie, I will discuss one of the worst movies of all-time.


My SD micro Card enough space on my phone.


I didn’t make my own video which my SD card enough space trying to get rid of documents. I don’t want to delete my Instagram photo and video. If I deleted my documents might lose forever but my flash drives almost 98% in space which too many files and my HDD drive doesn’t work on my PC because didn’t show up. Tomorrow I will go to the electronic store to buying another SD card for transfer to another card slot and deleted the files. I get my flashback when I was young used to have an old digital camera, looking at the picture of me, embarrassed my voice should like in the cartoon. Now, I brought my new Sandisk 64 GB, tries transfer moved to a new flash drive. I look down my video create my own documentary. Takes time make my own filming at the hospital. I recorded myself sitting down at the library, drinking my coffee watching “Attack on Titans” and One Piece. I know I am a hardcore fan of anime since I grew up watching anime on television.

Update – 21/4/2018. #Dairy #updated #blog #Blogger #writer.


Tomorrow, I am not going back to work because I refused. I’m filming inside the hospital during my video diary. I’ve no longer work at the receptionist and I want to have some fun. I was playing game one of the cleaners calling me “Copycat!” he sounds like “John Leguizamo” from Super Mario Bros, but he ignored me, say, “enough, Mohamed, enough” he hated repeated over, and over again. Sahad has not know what I’m I doing? I was planned to make my own film recorded in hospital. That Sahad acting like FB she works in the library I wanted to be a friend, shout me and walk away from being misery. I try to contact Sara Amin and she does not answer me.


Update – 17/04/2018

I was in my workplace, one of the ladies, her name is Sara Aman, she is respectful, she told me “not to take any picture privacy before I deleted my posting. Mine apologize; I had nothing do with her.  They went to shopping mall buying some clothes. I was desperate of my life our friends from Jordan. I sat down behind chatting with Ahmed Jamell is a good person and I will respect him. I give my advice to the ladies, so we become friends. 

A bad remake of Overboard trailer.


I had seen trailer #OverboardMovie starring Eugenio Derbez and Anna Faris about the rich man having a fun at the party fired to the cleaner. At night, he falls down at the boat suffering amines live with his fake wife looks similar to the original movie. That film actually messes up and the poster looks ridiculous wet.

I love the original 1987 “Overboard” is one of my favorite films since I was a kid, starring Kurt Russell and Golden Hawks. I have my never review of the classic film. Both gender swap similar to female Ghostbuster (2016). Most controversies back in 2016, full of original fan’s hateful comments to Ghostbuster rebooted. I guess Sony and MGM wants a rebooted instead of the sequel no longer.

I will not go to see it but I will look forward another film.


Why Cinemas still banned in Saudi Arabia.

In the 1970s, there were many movie theaters in Saudi Arabia and they were not considered un-Islamic, though they were seen as contrary to Arab cultural norms.

In 1979, seizure of the Grand Mosque in Mecca, the government closed all cinemas and theaters.

Cinema still banned in Saudi Arabia, due to censorship, Saudi get upset no cinema in Riyadh, and they don’t know we’re going to watch? They went to the border allowed to watched there is United Arab Emirate, Qatar, Jodan and Bahrain have cinema around the world better than Saudi Arabia has no cinema. The first introducing videotape came out in the 1980s, and they can watch movies on at home or hiding private cinema compound.

Video rental stores started appearing in the 1980s and offered Arabic, Western, and Asian movies. They used camera and phone recorded the cinema outside world and create DVD selling bootlegging films at video rental stores. The security checking the camera and several people arrested for selling bootlegging DVD illegal in Europe, and North American. In Egypt and Saudi Arabia still, available at video stores.  

In 2017 or 2018, re-introducing cinema for the first time and released the wost animation films “The Emoji movie”.

Go to the link. 

Cinema of Saudi Arabia on wikipedia. 

No, Podcast today.

I have no plain for my podcast on YouTube today. I worry about not to used music without permission due to copyright. I did not make my own intro theme song I try wrote my parody songwriting. I canceled my podcast due to embarrised live stream and my webcam is fine but I used my phone camera has lagged. I need a new mic for podcast live and my brother took my mic attempt to live streaming playing Fornite. I used to record my audio with my headset going out of London back in 2012 after I lost it. I cannot find the audio. I wrote a blog on my site for explaining why didn’t make my own podcast difficult and I never met anyone for my interview audio.

Don’t worry, I will try out used my mic and gameplay.

Retrospect gaming review – Popeyes.

I grew up playing #Popeye when I was a kid. I watched my uncle playing Popeye on NES get level stage his thousand score, i’m not lying but my uncle did playing NES game fingertips A and B button went out with my parent and I was staying at my grandmother house. I played Popeye feeling to be addicted. I never stress out for losing my heart beating by Bluto tries to get spinach for saving Olivia from Bluto. This game remind me of Donkey Kong. #Popeye #NES #Nintendo #retrovideogames #nintendoentertainmentsystem

Venom – trailer reaction. #Venom #SpiderMan #Sony #Marvel



I have seen on the trailer about 6 days ago. I will discussion between Sony and Marve. First “Spider-Man 3” is an awful sequel and how they killer Venom. I am a fan of Sam Raimi done Spider-Man trilogy. Avi Arad wanted Venom to appear for the third film.

Marvel now handle over back to Sony. I heard about Avi Arad is back to the producer of the franchise. He wants Spidey-man summit which took place in the Sony Marvel universe. Later, I will talk about Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach the same guy’s producer of the Amazing Spider-Man franchise.

Tom Hady plays Eddie Brock, wakes up in the bed. I had seen trailer He ride the bike chasing by the Lorry/truck, he used telekinetic powers pushing the staff I have clue. He screaming gone crazy might be used Symbiote become venom infection. I posted Venom on my Instagram.

I will wait and see happen.

Update – 02/02/2018

Yesterday, I met her several of students, about my writing, I haven’t finished my memoir difficult look for any video of my memories. I did my film script before my hard drive damage for downloading video after replacing a new hard drive update. I downloaded my old script on my Google Drive cloud. I have not done my script. I can’t remember it was 2 years ago, finished my short script before left my hard drive broke. I don’t want to rewrite another script what happens to my ending plot disappear to go back to the beginning. to write my script  Yesterday, I was writing a new science fiction stories “Galactic Knight” inspired by super robot series take place in the future, and the backstory.

I could not find a new job because I still being volunteered to imagine the doctor give me a salary for good work. I declined my former boss not paying me yet, mine apologize before his shop stole by the military, now he in Tripoli becoming broke no shop for me. I pay for buying food instead of homemade cook which I don’t like food. I get rid of potato thrown into bins, for not good taste.

My mother skips my post on “Snapchat” now, she missed my story about met her students. I saw that guy is sleeping in his car, I did not ask him but he being useless watching movies in his office without telling me secretly.

Thank you, for reading a blog.